Our Technology

Monitoring solutions that are critical for your business operations require solid architecture and technology. The processing of data captured in your business or environment needs to be flawless, fast and secure. Just as important is the transformation of this data into valuable business information and visualization. We take care of that, so you do not have to worry about middleware, communication protocols, security and programming.

Technology Architecture
Omnifor Portal

The Omnifor Portal is a secure environment where clients can view the actual status of their assets and historical data. Comprehensive dashboards turn your sensor data into valuable business information that provide you with new insights. We develop client-specific dashboards with user-friendly charts and the ability to download your sensor data, that allow you to perform further analysis and discover trends and/or correlation with the data captured from your business assets and processes.

Omnifor Service Bus

The Omnifor Service Bus is at the heart of each solution. It is designed to support the most demanding IoT and M2M projects, with scalability and security in mind. Our platform can easily deal with tens of thousands of devices for each project. We use secure industrial protocols for communication that prevent tampering with your valuable data and prying eyes.

A scalable database, powerful rule engine and device manager enable us to configure the most specific projects, completely tailored to your needs. An open API REST interface with low response times allow for near real time insight in your data through fully customized dashboards and integration with your business applications. Automatic notifications can be triggered instantly when a value received exceeds the thresholds specified.

Devices and Sensors

Devices consist of one or more sensors, a microcontroller, memory and a communication module that connects to a gateway or to the Omnifor Service Bus (OSB) directly. Sensors of the highest quality from renowned manufacturers only ensure reliable and accurate measurement values. With firmware tailored to your needs, you get the most out of your monitoring application.
The acquisition of sensor data can be set to be executed at predefined intervals, event-driven or even both. A wide range of communication technologies is supported, including GPRS/3G, ZigBee and LoRa. The messages sent by a device are encrypted to ensure confidentiality and integrity of your valuable sensor data.


In our wireless sensor networks, the gateway device is the main component that is connected to the Internet, and thus the OSB. The Omnifor Gateway typically receives messages with sensor data from the devices in its network and preprocesses it before submitting the message to the OSB. In addition, the gateway is capable of retrieving data from “the outside” world and controlling the devices in its network for more advanced operations.

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