Structural Health Monitoring

For local governments, housing corporations and other owners of buildings and structures, it is of great importance to know the state their assets are in. Being informed about changes in structure is a prerequisite for pre-emptive maintenance and adequate financial planning of future investments. Paradoxically, visual inspections of buildings and structures are often not conducted frequently, as they tend to be time-consuming and costly.

Omnifor Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) solutions provide insight in both the time-scale and severity of change in your structures, whilst reducing the need for visual inspections to a minimum. Based on proven technology of leading hardware vendors, our Wireless Sensor Networks will detect and acquire the slightest of changes. Valuable measurement data is presented in client-specific dashboards through comprehensive charts that enable near real-time monitoring and analysis of the state of your assets.

Foundation Monitoring

Demo | Structural Health Monitoring

Monitoring of settlement, inclination, crack width and ground water levels for eight connected houses on a decaying wooden pile foundation. Visit demo page

Data for demonstration purposes only.

Foundation Monitoring

Timber piles have been used as foundation support for Dutch houses for centuries. At the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century in particular, wooden pile foundations were typically used to support houses on soft soil. For this type of foundation it is essential to be fully submerged in water. As long as the timber remains under the groundwater level these pile foundations prove to be very durable. When the groundwater level is too low, fungi and/or soft rot are likely to cause pile deterioration.

As a result of policy changes, construction dewatering and leaking sewers the groundwater level is insufficient to protect the foundation, increasing its vulnerability to wood decay and threatening the structural health of houses. Eventually, the foundation’s strength will not suffice to support the structure on top anymore. Reinforcement of the foundation needs to be executed in time, but is also costly. Omnifor develops wireless sensor network-based solutions that enable owners to predict and plan the investment at hand. This solution allows real-time monitoring of their assets through a comprehensive dashboard. It shows the changes in settlement, incline and crack width over time, indicating the severity of the damage so far as well as how the structure is developing. The monitoring of important factors of influence such as groundwater and vibration levels caused by passing traffic complement this valuable data for detailed analysis.

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