Process Monitoring

Almost every organization collects and evaluates their process information periodically for financial planning, maintenance planning and/or justification. The number of data sources traditionally relied on is often indirectly acquired and often limited, typically being information gathered from the company’s business applications. Being so accustomed to periodic report cycles, one would almost overlook the benefits of real-time data. When made “smart”, equipment and tools used in your business processes become valuable sources of such actual information.

Omnifor develops wireless sensor networks for the monitoring of your business processes, such as manufacturing and supply chain processes. We can connect your stationary equipment, rotating equipment and equipment in transit and visualize the data acquired in comprehensive dashboards for further analysis. Our solutions allow you to verify the status of your processes and business-critical assets real-time. They help minimize (un)planned downtime by predicting and preventing failures, identifying maintenance requirements and increase the efficiency of logistics.

Omnifor process monitoring solutions rely on open industrial standards for integration with other systems. Our wireless sensor networks interface with electronic control units and marine systems for applications at sea. Accurate diagnostics can be acquired (semi-)continuously for time-critical scenarios, at predefined intervals or event-driven for monitoring gradual changes. By combining traditional condition monitoring methods with the latest innovations in sensor and wireless communications technology, we provide new insights in the status of your business assets that enable you to save money and time.

Predictive Maintenance

The costs of system interruptions in industrial environments are significant and have a negative effect on business results. Traditionally, organizations turn to preventative maintenance techniques to minimize unplanned downtime. Although this routine-based approach proves to be effective in many cases, it is not the most cost-effective option as preventative maintenance tasks are often performed regardless of their necessity. Omnifor develops client-specific maintenance solutions that allow clients to predict failures at hand and plan maintenance accordingly, leading to more efficient processes and lower maintenance cost.

Our predictive maintenance solutions acquire real-time data from your equipment to determine its condition and enable you to determine when maintenance should be performed. This Industrial IoT (IIoT) solution goes beyond regular condition monitoring as it also keeps track of the business process itself. In addition to integration with the electronic control units of your equipment, Omnifor develops solutions that integrate with your business applications as well through its open architecture. When combined, data collected from sensors, control units and business applications turn in valuable information visualized by comprehensive dashboards.

Asset Tracking

An organization’s business assets are most at risk when in transit. Damage caused by accidents or rough handling threaten the condition in which your assets left their original location. Remote tracking of assets allows companies to reduce risk and optimize their supply chain processes by tracking shipments to their destination. For goods that are critical to your business operations or those of your clients, information on their current whereabouts, route and exposure to environmental conditions is of great importance.

Different assets require different parameters to be monitored, such as location, speed, shock detection, light exposure, ambient temperature and relative humidity. Omnifor develops smart asset tracking solutions specific for your business that integrate with the assets itself or can be embedded in packaging and crating solutions. Our solutions support a wide range of wireless technologies to ensure communication of the acquired data in remote locations. User-friendly dashboards and charts inform you about an asset’s history and actual status, that provide new insights in your business processes by combining the data with information from your business applications.

Facilities Management

Facilities Management

Whether an office building or a production area, the buildings of an organization need to be fit for their function in terms of space and infrastructure. Well-managed facilities comply with laws and regulations and support and improve the effectiveness of your business processes. Modern HVAC systems, elevators and even vending machines are already connected to the internet to provide manufacturers and operators with actual information for maintenance and service purposes. Most of these connected systems cover a single aspect of the facilities only and are proprietary, which means that potentially valuable information is often not available for your building operators.

The use of different technologies over multiple buildings increases the complexity of facilities management even more. Omnifor overcomes this with solutions that provide you with an integral insight in the actual status of the buildings, such as occupancy rates and environmental conditions at predefined floors and geographic locations. Accurate diagnostics are acquired for monitoring trends, which allow you to adopt your strategy and policies to improve service levels and reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Smart Railway Solutions

The Industrial “Internet of Things” (IIoT) already has a significant impact on the transportation industry, in particular in the area of freight tracking solutions. Despite of the potential of the IIoT, other areas – especially rolling stock – are still relatively unexplored. In the nearby future the railway industry is expected to adopt the innovative technologies the IIoT has to offer as well. These smart railway technologies pose a great opportunity for organizations to increase their efficiency, competitiveness and service levels by providing an attractive alternative portfolio of solutions for the transportation of people and goods.

The combination of knowledge and experience is crucial for the success of railway solutions for the IIoT. By working closely together with leading engineering firms and suppliers of business-critical components, Omnifor develops wireless sensor networks for rolling stock. This multidisciplinary approach results in custom smart solutions that enable Original Equipment Manufacturers and operators to achieve their business objectives. Our innovative solutions for predictive maintenance lower lifecycle cost and improve reliability and safety of railway services, whilst increased comfort is provided through environmental monitoring of passenger cars.

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