Environmental Monitoring

Making sense of your world

Environmental monitoring provides insight in the effects of specific conditions on humans, (farm) animals, business assets and of course the environment itself. The monitoring of conditions allows organizations and governments to take action when certain thresholds are exceeded. Over the years environmental condition monitoring programmes have already proven very useful, but the traditional acquisition of data is often costly, labor intensive and time consuming. Omnifor’s wireless sensor networks enable unattended, (semi-)continuous monitoring of parameters of air, water and soil specific parameters, saving time and cost.

Whether the goal is to minimize health risk, monitor exposure levels of your assets or pollution, our solutions identify significant changes and trends for further decision making. The data acquired is presented in our portal for detailed analysis. The use of open standards enables integration with other monitoring or control systems.

Typical environmental monitoring applications are found in farming, work environment and pollution monitoring. Our environmental monitoring technology often complements our process and structural health monitoring projects, because when combined, it provides new insights for further analysis.


  • Temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Pressure
  • Wind direction & speed
  • Particulate Matter: PM1, PM2.5 and PM10
  • Gas pollutants O2, O3, CO, CO2, NO2, NH3, H2S, CH4 and more


  • Temperature
  • pH level
  • Salinity
  • Dissolved oxygen
  • Dissolved Na+, K+, Ca2+, Cu2+, Mg2+, F, Cl, Br, I and NO3-


  • Temperature
  • Volumetric Water Content
  • Salinity / Electric Conductivity
  • Other parameters upon request
Smart Agriculture

Smart Agriculture

Cultivation and livestock farming involve numerous aspects to be measured and verified frequently. Often this requires data to be acquired from remote locations such as fields and stables, which makes data collection a time consuming activity. Our wireless environmental monitoring sensor networks provide farmers insight in the air, water and soil parameters through comprehensive dashboards.

Our agriculture solutions collect and evaluate data real-time to enable farmers in making the right decisions for irrigation, fertilization and the harvest of their crops. This results in higher yields and increases the efficiency of processes and the use of resources.

Omnifor smart livestock farming solutions improve the comfort and well-being of farm animals and enable farmers to meet the demands of animal welfare programmes. As different species require different conditions, our solutions are tailored to the specific parameters of importance for the farmer and the animal.

Work Environment Monitoring

A healthy and safe workplace is critical to the success of your business, as it positively affects productivity, morale and your reputation as an employer-of-choice. From a legal point of view, organizations can be held responsible for health and safety in the workplace they provide to their employees. Our workplace environment monitoring solutions enable employers to identify and prevent health and safety issues.

To ensure that health and safety risk to employees are on a acceptable level for both the employer and employee, Omnifor develops client-specific Work Environment Monitoring solutions that keeps track of the most important workplace parameters. Our solution helps organizations avoid unnecessary costs and reputational damage caused by workplace injury and illness. It enables clients to monitor the work conditions on production floors, in office buildings, (offshore) accommodations and the living quarters of your staff.

Work Environment Monitoring
Pollution Monitoring

Environmental Pollution

Industrialization, urbanization and the growth of the human population cause severe pollution of the atmosphere, waterways, groundwater and soil. As air and water pollution and soil contamination are health-threatening, governments and industries worldwide focus on environmental policy changes and sustainability.

Subsequently, the effectiveness of these actions need to be monitored and potential hazardous situations identified for countermeasures to be taken. However, pollution-levels can differ significantly from one to location to another. Adequate monitoring therefore requires a relatively large number of measurement points to cover an area, preferably fully automated and real-time to eliminate the need for on-site and laboratory labor. Omnifor develops autonomous Environmental Condition Monitoring solutions that keep track of pollutants, such as particle matter, dangerous (combustion) gases and chemical spills without any human intervention.

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