Think it over

Omnifor wants your IoT strategy to become the most successful in your industry. We believe that there is no point in equipping your assets with sensors and hooking them up to the internet, when it does not serve a clear, pre-defined purpose. Omnifor helps you identify business areas that provide quick return. These are typically found in operational processes and business assets essential for your core business. Only when put in the right context, the data captured here turns into valuable information.

Get started

Successful IoT projects often start with simple ideas about capturing data for a process, location or piece of equipment and turning it into valuable information. Determine the processes and assets that matter to you most, and how real-time or periodic analysis of their operational parameters could affect your whole organization.  Omnifor is your partner for the proof of concept, that demonstrates how your ideas turn into business success almost instantly.

Reap the benefits

Reduce the total cost of ownership of your business operations, minimize risk and get ahead of the competition. Omnifor solutions are tailored to your requirements and help you achieve your strategic objectives. Do not worry about the technology, focus on your business instead. Operational intelligence is provided through our dashboards, that allow you to monitor the performance and condition of your processes, investments and assets.

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